¿Qué no debo decirle a mi cita sobre mí?

Hay algunas cosas que no debes decirle a la persona con la que estás saliendo. Así es, ¡es mejor no decir algunas cosas! Descubra lo que es mejor no decirle a su cita.

Yes, some things you shouldnít tell the person youíre dating because itís really not important! Some things are best left unsaid. You wouldnít want to turn off the person youíre dating to the point they determine theyíre really not interested in you after all! So, here are some tips that may assist you in not discussing certain topics with your date that you donít need to:

1) Never discuss with your date your past boyfriend, girlfriend or former spouse! This is a definite no, no. Noone wants to hear about how great or bad your past girlfriend, boyfriend, or former spouse was! Donít dwell on the past. Your new date might think youíre trying to make them like your past date or spouse, and this may be a turn off for them!

2) Donít talk about how much money you have or lack of it. This may come across to your date as your way of telling them that money is the most important thing to you in a relationship. This could be a relationship ender for you.

3) Gossip about your past dates, friends, family or whomever is not a good idea. Itís really not important for you to discuss this with your date. Some people see others that gossip as busy bodies who have to be involved in everyone elses business but their own! This may be a turnoff for your date who could be a person that values their privacy and is a non gossiper.

4) Donít discuss your past intimate relationships! This is a definite no for discussion. This may make your date very uncomfortable and put them in an awkward position as to what you may or may not expect from them. So donít discuss your past intimacies! Steer far away from this topic. Donít even talk about it! This would be your best bet in your new relationship if you donít want to create waves.

5) If you cheated on your previous date, donít even think about talking about this in your new relationship! Noone wants to hear about you cheating in a past relationship. If you decide to talk about this subject, be prepared for your date to possibly tell you to take a hike! They may decide that they donít want to risk the chance of you cheating on them, since you have a history of doing this! You do have a preexisting history of cheating, remember you told them so. Get the picture, donít talk about it!

6) Anything else that you believe would not be something important that youíd want to tell your date about you. Donít tell it, if itís not important! En sexshop Chile tenemos todo para ti.

Well, youíve probably got a good idea on what you should not tell your date. After all, do you want to keep dating the person youíre with, or do you want to keep looking for someone new? Youíre possibly saying to yourself, I really would like to continue dating the person Iím with. Then, if this is the case, donít scare them away from you! Remember, some things are best left unsaid if the information is not important to the relationship.

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